E | C Photography is a trademark of EMAT Digital Marketing. It is represented by Emmanuel Crova, who orginizes freelancer, both photographers and video operators, for the assignment whose are given.

I was born in 1993 in Milan, Italy. Son of an architect and a dental technician, I suddenly got passion for electronic in general and for computers and mobile phones in particular, since early ages.


In june 2012 I obtained Science Course Diploma at GSCE level

In september 2012 I started a totally new experience, called university: Electronic and Information Technology Engineering was my chose right to my passions.


Photograph lover, I have been working as a photographer at Studio Immagine; skilled in sport events photography and wedding celebration.

In October 2015 I started a partnership with GenovaStudio as commercial photographer. Photography services for catalogs, brochures, printed descriptive or local promotion. The prevailing photographic genre is still life, the creation of images in a study, in addition to a minority of location shooting and animated shooting (ie people). Performing services in relation to these categories: Food, Industry, Tourism, Handicrafts, Weddings, Book.

Senior photographer at PhotoBouquet Bologna since April 2017,  the only certified Wedding Reportage Agency in Italy: Our photographic services are intended to go beyond. The wedding photographer's philosophy is to overcome the expectations of each couple for their marriage.

I became certified member of Nikon Professional Services on late 2017


Scout at SportsData AG, I help providing real time match reports and fixture, those will be used by most important betting house in the world to enstablish quotations

In February 2016 I guessed building my own company. I achieved to build a startup called EMAT Digital Marketing with a friend of mine; we both love web and we have different skills: Matteo is proficient in Graphic User Interface, I am mostly oriented in Web development. We gained an excellent confidence in Data Analysis e Market Discovery working toghether.


Love for Football has made me live matches in a different way: always in the middle of the pitch, but not running forward the ball; I do prefer run forward the action….I’m a referee of AIA-FIGC since 2009! 😉

In August 2015 I became event manager of Zunami Events; I am the person who plans and executes the event, taking responsibility for the creative, technical and logistical elements. This includes overall event design, brand building, marketing and communication strategy, audio-visual production, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, negotiation and client service.